Hello and Welcome to Maple City Media! We are an amateur media network that is currently working to propagate information about various hobbies through podcasting, blogging and video channels.

We are currently the home of Maple City Pipe Blog, Maple City Pipecast, and Maple City Pipe Channel. All of which can be found right here. In the case of Maple City Pipecast on Anchor FM, a great free podcasting platform that is perfect for a shoestring budget and Maple City Pipe Channel is currently exclusive to YouTube.

These three platforms have been running under separate websites until this point, we are now in the process of amalgamating them into one home base. Once we are finished with this process we will be taking down our other pages, but until that point, all others will continue to hold the links and articles that are currently in place.

We hope that our new approach to how we distribute our media will make things simpler for all in the future and we hope you will enjoy this new site as you have our old ones.

Thanks for reading, everyone!


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